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Kisholoy is a socio-cultural organisation established by the general students of Pabna Medical College. We dream of a liberal society with communal harmony focusing on the spirit of the great Liberation War. Kisholoy is pledged to expand the space for ensuring various co-curricular activities for the students. Primarily we focus on the following 5 disciplines :

1. Debate
2. Quiz
3. Culture
4. Literature
5. Film & Photography

Apart from these, Kisholoy is always enthusiastic to create any opportunity for the betterment of the students.

Our Mission & Vision:
On the link between the mass people and literature; the great architect of Bangladesh's independence, Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman once remaked, “Literary art should be used for people's welfare.” Literature has always served as a strong medium for expressing the hopes and aspiration of the common mass. Again, Bangabandhu said on Bengali nationalism and its culture, “We are Bengalis. We believe in nationalism. If I forget that I am Bengali, then I will be finished. I am Bengali, Bengali is my language, Bengali is my country, Bengal is the soil, the soil of my soul, I will die in the soil of Bengal, the culture of Bengal, the civilization of Bengal is my culture and civilization.”

Kisholoy focuses on upholding the ideals of our father of the nation. It has been working relentlessly to use culture and literature on the benefit of the society. Established on the Bengali New Year's Day (Pahela Baishakh) in 2022, Kisholoy provides a strong statement on its connection with the Bengali culture. Kisholoy is commited to play a significant role in the journey of building a progressive society.

The word “Kisholoy” refers to young leaves of a tree and the name signifies the organization's connection with the potential of the future. The selection of the name of the organization was followed by a series of discussions and election which proves our trust on democratic procedures. The name “Kisholoy” was proposed by Sadia Islam, a the then third year student of Pabna Medical College. The logo of the organization was designed by Md. Zakaria Islam, a the then student of Rajshahi Govt. City College.

The organization is a brainchild of Abhitosh Chakraborty and Mehmud Hasan Moin, two students of Pabna Medical College. The motto “Satya O Sundorer Prarthonay” was selected by one of the organization’s stalwarts, Abhitosh.

Our Activities:
From the very onset of its establishment, Kisholoy has been working to create opportunities for the students to bloom their inherent talent on various co-curricular activities. Some of our activities are as follows:

1. Arrangement of “Bangabandhu Quiz” on the occasion of the National Mourning Day,2022 and distribution of prizes.
2. Creation of “Kisholoy Kanon”, a garden on a barren piece of land in Pabna Medical College.
3. Creation of job opportunity for a underprivileged handicapped man on the garden.
4. Observing the national & international days with due dignity.
5. “Project Pushparghya” – an open call for everyone to donate saplings for the beautification of Pabna Medical College campus.
6. Arranging “Swadhinata Utsab 2023” fest involving students from all university level institutions of Bangladesh as a part of observation of the Independence Day,2023.
7. Establishment of newspaper reading stand on both hostels of Pabna Medical College.
8. Postering on growing awareness about smart use of water and power.

Kisholoy hopes to continue on its merry way in the upcoming days with a view to working for the benefit of the society as a whole. Kisholoy is always grateful to all its well wishers for their wholehearted support and cooperation.

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